Becoming a Chat Assassin is a job opportunity for high-level English speakers in Latin America to have a stable income in $USD that allows them to provide for their families and work from home.

Working in sales means more sales = more money! Put in the work and receive commissions per sale. We don't sit around when things don't go our way. You'll be challenged to come up with strategies to manage your team to success with a proactive work environment

Most online jobs nowadays are either scams, underpaid, or completely isolate workers from a needed environment of support from others. For those already working online, it's hard to believe that you can even do more than virtual assistance or a customer service position.

Whether you're working, studying, looking for a job, or trying to become an entrepreneur, a solid, stable income is what will propel you towards your goals. When you don't have to worry about money is when creativity and freedom flow.

Waiting only sets you back from making the first step toward a worry-free life, where you can travel and live beyond "rent and bills".

At Chat Assassins, we create high-performing teams that work inside social media chats, such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc, selling coaching programs designed by our clients, who are business coaches.

What will you be selling? To name some examples, you could sell coaching programs for…
First-time real estate investors
Photographers that want to build a high-income business
Dentists that need help getting patients booked
People that want to get certified as coaches

We work with a wide variety of coaches in different areas of business! But not everyone is cut out to bring them success in sales.

If you are creative, like to problem solve, receive challenges daily, and want to explore your capacities as a leader, we extend to you an invitation to apply for our roles.

We work only with a select group of talented individuals with amazing English and a great drive for sales.

Out of 500-600 applications received monthly, only 5% make it through our screening process and pass the probation period.

If you're ready to give yourself a shot, this can be the opportunity that completely changes your financial narrative.

  • Work From Home

  • Supportive Community

  • Monthly Raffles

  • Paid Training

  • Performance & Referral Bonuses

  • Growth Opportunities

  • Joselyn

    Chat Assassin

    “ I used to be an English teacher, and one thing I was really scared of was taking on a lot of responsibilities. This changed once I understood how we are trained to become a leader and to be the ones that make decisions. ”

  • Daniela Ortiz

    Chat Assassin

    “ Jumping in definitely was a game-changer, I’m making more than $1000/mo and it’s totally amazing. I’ve already accomplished some goals, like continuing to invest in my studies and traveling ”

  • Karen

    Chat Assassin

    “ I have been able to save up enough money to go to college in another country. It’s been literally life-changing. ”